Cinema 4D
3D modeling, 3D sculpting, texturing painting, character rigging & animation
Cocoon Planet is a world-building 3D modeling project. 
 The CaterEye live on Cocoon in burrows inside. This planet is self-sustaining and the CaterEyes eat the dead CaterEye’s cocoon, and their eyes become new birthing eyes.
When the eyes are closed no new CaterEyes are appearing. When an eye rolls open a new CaterEye is being born. After the CaterEyes are born they are alive for three days and on the third day, they go into a burrow and die in a cocoon. Their eye pops off and rolls back to the surface to turn into one large eye. These eyes grow to become birthing eyes.
This story focuses on one CaterEye's life journey from birth to death and the process of their eye being turned into a new birthing eye.
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